Drum Recording Studio

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Mitchagain Drum Recording Studio

Studio Gear List:


Apple iMac (Logic Pro X)

Audient ID22

Audient SP880



Shure Beta 52

Akg D 112

Solomon LowFreQ (Subkick)

Lewitt LCT 441 Flex

Lewitt LCT 040 Stereo pair

Rhode NT5 MP. Stereo pair

Shure SM 57 (2x)

Shure SM 58

Audio technica AE3000. (2x)

Sennheiser 504 (2x)

Sennheiser E902

Sennheiser MD 421 (2x)


NI Maschine MK3

Roland TR8s







Tama Vintage Superstar.
( 22,24,12,13,14,15,16,18,+ 8,10 CT)

Tama Vintage Superstar  ( 22,12,16)

Premier Vintage Soundwave (22,13,14,16)

Premier APK Microbop. ( 16,10,13)

Sonor vintage Champion (22,12,13,16)

Sonor Designer Series. (22,10,13,16,18)

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